Helping to provide communities in need with access to clean water is key to IGDC Solutions’ mission. Alternative sources of water and water purification allows people to live “off the grid,” while still enjoying the quality of life of those living on the grid.


Atmospheric Water Generator

The experts at IGDC Solutions believe that an atmospheric water generator (depending on the temperature and humidity) which collects pure water molecules to make up to 300 gallons of fresh water per day utilizing solar power is the best answer to providing communities with pure clean drinking water.

Such a unit can be placed in a community for communal use. Or, a smaller household unit, with a 12-gallon tank (4-day supply of water), can be built into individual residences, such as our World Eco-Relief Home.

Our water generator doesn’t create any toxic waste as does traditional municipal water purification systems and that is key to an effective water-making system.


Rainwater Collection

Another alternative method of gathering water comes from our building design which takes advantage of gravity by incorporating slanted roofs, which drop from the building’s edge by about 4.”  This “grey water” is directed into tanks and may be used in washing machines, toilets or for watering edible and non-edible plants.

In a torrential rain, overflow water becomes runoff feeding sewers, septic systems or the land without harm.

Grey Water Collection

Municipal Water Supply

In some cases, IGDC Solutions’ homes may be hooked up to municipal water sources, if applicable.